5 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner (Sunday May 10- mark it down!), many of my friends are racking their brains trying to think of that unique and unexpected to thank that special woman in their life.

Gift baskets are the ultimate gift. For one, you can customize the gift basket and choose items your mother will love the most and they can be a combination of sentimental and fun gifts. Gift baskets for samples of different items and the receiver is almost guaranteed to love at least some of what’s inside. Additionally, the gift basket can follow a theme or be a random selection of their favourite things- it really is up to you!

With the unlimited resources online, you can find plenty of gift guides for the perfect present, but most are typical, overdone, and boring. And since such gift guides are so generic and usually highlight the “it” item of the month, they’re more likely to stray you from finding the perfect gift.

To help you avoid making a gift-mistake I created this guide of “5 Awesome Mother’s Day Gift Ideas” that are sure to please any motherly woman in your life.


  1. For the Mom that is always on the go:

This gift basket will be the perfect calming gift for any hard working mom.


Here are a few fun and useful items to include:

♥ A matching face towel and hand towel

♥ A mixture of luxurious products, like all-natural foot cream, all-natural soap, all natural bath bomb, and bath salts so that this Mom can slow down her day, relax and experience the spa in her own bathtub.

♥ To complete this at-home spa experience, add a foot scrubber, bath sponge or loofah, and a scented candle.

♥ If you feel like the gift basket isn’t totally complete, you can add jewelry holder or a ring bowl, to hold their valuables while they take the well-deserved break and pamper themselves.

To put this basket together, start with a box big enough to fit all these luxurious products in her favourite colour. To add a more personal touch, you can decorate the box with pictures of the two of you together, some loving quotes or short poems, and top the whole thing off with a big bow.


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  1. For the Mom who loves to cook:

This one is for the moms out there who are not only the best cooks in the house, but also love being so. For this mom, the kitchen is like the studio of a painter. She loves her kitchen, she loves the wonderful ingredients she uses, and she loves her cooking and baking utensils.

Gift baskets for these moms should have a theme: the kitchen. So when building this gift basket, I believe in keeping the present useful, beautiful, and unique. There is nothing better than pulling out my matching measuring cups and colourful mixing bowls, and thinking of the loved one who gave them to me.

Here are some ideas of items that can be included in this gift that are sure to bring a smile to the toughest cook.

These are some of my favourite and what I think any chef can always use, but they can easily be changed for similar items more suited to the individual.

♥ A matching kitchen/tea towels and dish cloth in her favourite colour, an interesting pattern, or a funny picture

♥ Silicone tools like a spoon, a spatula, a mixing spoon, potato masher and turner

♥ Measuring cups and spoons sets, mixing bowls, paper towel holder, oven mitts & potholders. (I wanted to note that to further personalize this gift, you can find kitchen items with a spunk or beautiful timeless pieces to suit your mom’s personality)

Finally, to put this basket together, start with a big mixing bowl or big glass jar as the base, wrap the kitchen towels together, and arrange the baking/cooking tools. Add some flowers for decoration and finish with a big bow.

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3. For the mom that loves to relax with wine

This gift basket is for the hard working mothers who like to end their days on the couch with their feet up, and a nice glass of wine in their hand. What’s a better way to relax after a long day right?

For this mom the perfect gift will enhance that relaxing experience for those weekday nights and help with the entertainment during the weekends.


Start with a box or an Ice bucket. Arrange nicely inside the following items to make the basket special:

♥ To enjoy her wine at the proper temperature a digital wine thermometer is a must

♥ For that impromptu glass of wine, a wine chiller to pour the perfectly chilled wine instantly

♥ A wine set gift that contains all the tools you need to open and pour the perfect glass

♥ Don’t forget to include at a couple of wine glasses or look for a wine glass that can hold an entire bottle

♥ For those weekend parties, include vinyl stickers so each person can mark their glass or wine charms that also help to identify glasses

Now add a nice kitchen towel with a wine motive print and a nice flower for decoration. Wrap it with tulle or cellophane. Finish with a nice bow and a card.

Now every time she sits down to relax, a glass of wine in hand, she’ll think of you!


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  1. For the mom who loves to garden


Gardening continues to be one of the most popular hobbies. Does your mom love to get out in the fresh air and tend to beautiful flowers, or grow her own herbs and veggies while birds are chirping?

If the Mother’s Day gift basket is for a gardener, we have several great suggestions!


Look for a garden container or a garden caddy as the base of the basket.

♥ Add in some gardening tools she will need.

♥ You should consider adding:

♥ Gardening gloves and hand cream -to protect her hands while digging in the soil and after nurture them when she’s done.

♥ watering can and flowerbeds -to a good start with the right tools

♥ Packets of vegetable or flower seeds – Choose her favourite flower and vegetables so she can grow them herself, but if you’re unsure of what those are a wildflower mix is always sure to please

♥ Gardening magazine or gardening book – so she can be inspired or find new tips.

♥ Foam knee pads- These are essential to a devout gardener who kneels for hours at a time.

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garden 1




Again, don’t forget that Mother’s Day is May 10th! Give us a call and we will make sure that mom will be surprised and thrilled when she gets her memorable gift delivered on Mother’s Day!